ORDA Mortgage program

Program conditions

The mortgage program “ORDA” is a product of Kazakhstan Housing Company JSC for lending to individuals for the purchase of apartments in the primary and secondary market.

Loan currency:


Loan amount:

• The minimum amount is 1,000,000 tenge.
• The maximum amount is 65,000,000 tenge.

Loan term:

up to 240 months.

An initial fee*:

• from 30% of the cost of the purchased apartment, with full confirmation of the Borrower’s income;
• from 50% of the cost of the purchased apartment, with partial confirmation of the Borrower’s income.

* the initial payment can be replaced by additional collateral in the form of real estate owned by the borrower or third parties.

Detailed information on the website: https://orda.kmc.kz/

Attention! Acceptance of applications for the Horde mortgage has been suspended until the end of 2021. Information on the resumption of the acceptance of applications will be posted on the website of JSC “Kazakhstan Housing Company”, as well as in the media

List of documents

List of documents for filing an application (pdf, 4 MB).

Application procedure:
1. The client chooses an apartment in the primary or secondary housing market;
2. The client submits documents to the partner bank for obtaining a housing mortgage loan for the purchase of housing;
3. The bank conducts an initial selection in accordance with the terms of the program;
4. If the borrower passes the initial selection, the Partner Bank forms an application to the KZhK;
5. KZhK conducts an assessment of the applicant’s creditworthiness and makes a decision on the issuance / refusal to allocate a loan;
6. The Bank enters into agreements on behalf of KZhK;
7. After the registration of the collateral, KZhK issues a loan to the Client.